Homemade liquorice syrup

Easy and Delicious Homemade Liquorice Syrup

– If liquorice is your thing, then you are definitely gonna love this homemade liquorice syrup. It is incredibly easy to make, and the result is simply delicious! A lovely smooth syrup with an intense sweet or salty liquorice flavour (depending on your mood and taste) which is exquisite on top of ice cream, in a frosting, or however you like it – your imagination is the limit.

I used my favourite liquorice from a Danish mixed bag of salty liquorice called Skipper Mix by Haribo, but I’m pretty sure you can use most brands of liquorice. Just give it a go. The time it takes for your choice of liquorice to melt and the amount of water you need to absolve it may vary, but that needn’t be a problem. If your syrup is getting a bit too thick just add more water; if you think it is too watery when your liquorice has melted, just let it simmer for a little while extra. That way you can have complete control over the consistency of your syrup. Lovely, isn’t it?

Besides liquorice all you need to make your own syrup is time and patience. The melting process can easily take upwards of 30 minutes, and you need to stir the mixture constantly to keep it from burning. So make yourself comfortable with a good book or an entertaining TV show and enjoy a little “me time” by the stove 

Recipe – ab. 1½ dl

  • 100 g liquorice
  • 2-3 dl water
  1. Bring 2 dl water to boil in a casserole.
  2. Keep the water simmering and add the liquorice. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon to stir while the liquorice is melting. You need to keep stirring to keep the mixture from burning. Add extra water if needed.
  3. After about 30 minutes you liquorice should have melted and the water should have boiled down, leaving you with a nice and thick syrup. If you have trouble getting the last small bits and pieces to melt you can sift the syrup through a fine mesh strainer – that will get you a lovely smooth liquorice syrup, ready to use. Store it in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Easy recipe for delicious liquorice syrup on the blog | Nem og lækker opskrift på lakridssirup på bloggen

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Use the syrup in frostings, as ice cream topping, or however you like | Brug siruppen i frosting, som topping på is, eller hvad du nu kan finde på!

Homemade Liquorice Syrup

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